What is the 5…


G5CU has a mission to provide 5 types of services to the Urban community.

  1. Acknowledgement  – When work is created it should be reviewed, and critiqued creatively to let the artist know how their work has impacting the urban community.
  2. Develop – Contribute to the creation of brands, ideas, and events.
  3. Display – Our pages and blogs expand the reach of  work from those in our urban community.
  4. Support – Individuals, Organizations, Brands, Movements, Lifestyles with the intent to contribute, and improve the urban culture.
  5. Platform – Our live programming allows individual to have a voice of expression  through dialog, music, or visual presentation. ie We currently are reviewing applications for live programming. Please submit program request to G5CUmusicsubmissions@gmail.com Attn: Keita X

Visit any of the G5CU pages and experience the 5.