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G5 Canadian Urban( G5CU ) is a Toronto movement dedicated to the promotion and exposure of Canadian artists, innovators and brands. It is designed to promote, support and connect urban culture nationally and internationally.

G5 Canadian Urban was originally founded  as G5 Radio, a 2005 podcast www.g5radio.podomatic.com. G5 Radio rapidly expanded to include monthly live performance showcases for emerging Toronto talent – G5 Spotlight, Soul Sessions, and Only For Da Hip Hop. Due to an increased demand, G5 turned the showcases into live to air programming, which includes resident deejays, and personalities, guest deejays, and talk radio.

If you would like to join our team send us a email g5canadianurban@gmail.com we have a spot for you…

You can find G5 Canadian Urban at the following links:






Are you an artist, or venue booking agent. Email g5canadianurban@gmail.com for information on how you can get involved with the G5CU Spotlite.

An event unlike any other“.

Tugg Starr @tuggstar